The Wealth Dragon Way. The Why, The When And The How To Become Infinitely Wealthy

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Stop procrastinating and become financially free, by building asset-based wealth and creating passive income


Along the way, you'll learn what it means to become a Wealth Dragon, and the key principles to live by if you're ready to work towards achieving real financial freedom

Bust the myths surrounding the subject of wealth Start taking control of your financial future Adopt the key Wealth Dragon principles Discover your full potential for financial and personal growth The importance of taking control of your financial future cannot be overstated, especially in these economically uncertain times

Part motivational, part informational, this guide will change your whole perspective on wealth and your personal growth potential

The Wealth Dragon Way The Why, the When and the How to Become Financially Free is a practical guide to becoming financially free through building asset-based wealth and creating passive income

The book discusses both moral and monetary wealth, and looks at how we are easily misled and influenced by media-driven myths surrounding money, debunking notions such as the idea that there is no truly moral way to become wealthy, or the belief that the state will provide for us in retirement, and more

This book explores the psychology of our relationship with money and offers a practical advice for anyone who is determined to meet their goals and realize their dreams

Whether you want to quit the rat race, build some assets as security, or develop a branded business that will provide you with a passive income, The Wealth Dragon Way is your guide to building wealth and becoming financially free.

You are far more likely to achieve personal wealth if you are one hundred percent clear as to why you want it

You will also read real-life examples of how two property entrepreneurs built their significant portfolios using alternative strategies such as using lease options, and structuring and securing deals at below market value

You will learn how to tackle your fears and overcome the issues holding you back

You'll discover new truths surrounding the subject of wealth, and get to the root of your own procrastination over planning for your financial future

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